• Special Session dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of birth of Anatoliy Skorokhod
    (chair Yu. Kondratiev)
  • Stochastic models of evolution systems
    (chairs V. Korolyuk, N. Limnios)
  • Stochastic optimization, reliability, queueing and information security.
    Dedicated to the memory of academician Igor Kovalenko
    (chairs P. Knopov, N. Kuznetsov, E. Lebedev, M. Savchuk)
  • Advanced topics in stochastic processes, fractional and related models
    (chairs Yu. Kozachenko, Yu. Mishura, E. Orsingher)
  • Fractal analysis
    (chairs M. Pratsiovytyj, G. Torbin)
  • Fractional dynamics and interacting particle systems
    (chairs W. Bock, Yu. Kondratiev, V. Koshmanenko)
  • Risk processes and actuarial mathematics
    (chair J. ┼áiaulys)
  • Statistics of stochastic processes and random fields
    (chairs A. Ivanov, A. Kukush, R. Maiboroda)
  • Stochastic analysis and stochastic differential equations
    (chair P. Imkeller, G. Shevchenko)