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Department of Probability Theory,
and Actuarial Mathematics

Mechanics and Mathematics

prob.stat.act@gmail.com, probability@univ.kiev.ua
Tel/Fax: +38 (044) 259 03 92



Economics and Mathematics Centre is a public unprofitable organization. It was founded in February 1996 by leading Ukrainian experts in the branches of applied mathematics and statistics, who work in the systems of higher education and National Academy of Sciences. The aim of EMC is to promote the development of education and research in the analytical and statistical methods of economy and financial disciplines, management, social and political sciences and social sciences such as politology, sociology, psychology, pedagogics, biomedical sciences and ecology, theory of communications and range of natural sciences having been insufficiently presented in Ukraine yet.

Among the members of organization there are 6 members and corresponding members of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 18 are doctors of sciences and professors, 29 readers and candidate of science, readers and teachers. The reconstruction of educational system of Ukraine under conditions of economical, social and political transformation of the society is one of the main aims of centre.

Specifically, centre has worked out the long-term project of the transformation of mathematical and statistical education in Ukraine, according to this project passports of new specializations, typical educational plans and programs were created. The Centre promotes foundation proper economics and mathematics and statistics departments in the leading universities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odessa, Chernivetsk, etc.)

The centre has taken participation in the organization and helding of three international and three ukrainian conferences concerning problems of statistical, economics and mathematical education. The group of members of the Centre are working on a joint European project TEMPUS IB-JEP-25054-2004 "Training Center for Actuaries and Financial Analysts" according to a program of TACIS. The Centre has well adjusted scientific and educational connections with the range of Educational Centres and University of USA, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Hungary, Poland and some other countries.